When I sat down to set standards of care for my practice, it occurred to me that I want to give my patients the same kind of care that I would expect for myself and for my family. As a Doctor of over 19 years of experience, a teacher and mentor for others, I can assure you that I have some pretty high standards.


I would want my Doctor to know me as an individual, to know me on a personal level, not just as a number or the next patient. I would want my doctor to foster this relationship by knowing what I consider important and respecting my views.


I would want him/her to tell me what I need to hear not just what I want to hear, in a manner of respect. I would want the truth no matter how hard the information may be.


As a patient myself, I understand that health is not a given. It requires me to take self responsibilities for my choices. I would expect my doctor to have mastered techniques that help ensure the best possible outcome. I would want my doctor to use the latest technology to improve the delivery of my treatment and to do it as quickly as possible.













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