Toxins and chemicals are everywhere in our environment. They are in the foods we eat, the clothes we wear and the air we breathe. The levels that are present in our environment, however, are not always indicative of the levels that register in our bodies. The effects of these toxins pose different problems for different parts of the body. 


Chemical Misalignment interferes with the body's function and its innate intelligence.


Neurological Problems

Toxins that are associated with the pesticide industry are linked to neurological disorders in humans. They can cause varying degrees of neuropathy and numbness in the extremities. Lead also affects the neurological systems in the body.


Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals appear in many of the things we rely on every day, including our drinking water and vaccines. They also appear in antiperspirants and the fillings that we have in our teeth. Heavy metals are stored in the tissues and can cause all sorts of medical problems, including headaches, dizziness, nausea and cancer.




VOC's are volatile organic compounds and are found in many of the household items we all use. They are in paints, drinking water, carpets, cleaners, cosmetics and air fresheners. Because of our close proximity to these chemicals the levels in our bodies can be relatively high. Some of the side effects are memory impairment, visual problems, headaches, and eye and upper respiratory irritations.


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